Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Steel Town Dismantles

While the Caps may have a hard time getting a certain RFA, at least their team it not starting to disintegrate. The Pittsburgh may not get Marion Hossa back, Ryan Malone might even find greener pastures and now, they seemed to have alienated Gary Roberts. The Post-Gazette reported that Roberts was going to continue his NHL career, just not with the Penguins.

As his agent put it, Roberts is just being a good soldier and is moving on to help the team solidify some free agent signings to keep the team intact. Or could it be his Stanley Cup dis that seemed to put a pea in the mattress of Robert's time in Pittsburgh? Either way the Penguins could be a different team come fall with key compentents gone.

The Pens have lost two good players in Erik Christensen and Colby Armstrong to get Hossa, and lost prospect defensemen Noah Welch for Roberts. Now it seems those trades were for not as both Hossa and Roberts are moving on seemingly. So not only are they out two quality players, but really out five.

Granted, it doesn't make much sense to pay a forth line winger $2.5 million. And if they aren't going to play him in big games, like the Stanley Cup finals, it's not worth taking up cap space. So it makes sense to take a pass on a player like Roberts. And I am not saying that the Penguins are now going to suck, they still have that marginal centerman by the name of Sid "the Kid" Crosby. But it's interesting to see the line for the door out of Steel Town grow.

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