Friday, June 27, 2008

Green References

There are two good articles to read if you are curious about Mike Green's status and what it really means to the Capitals.

First is Corey Masisak's look at what the Caps' cap hit will really look like if we sign the ones we want in sort of a worse case scenario (i.e. he did the math, where I was too lazy to). It will give you a good idea what GM George McPhee is looking at as he discusses contracts with players and agents. It also talks about the other free agents that have to be signed as well.

Second is Scott Cullen's look at the restricted free agency and how it affects the teams involved. This is a good guide to gauge what other teams are looking at if they were to make an offer for any of the Capitals RFAs.

Both will give you a good idea what the Capitals are looking at, and how the rest of the league looks at the Caps situation. The beauty part of both articles is neither one of them claims to know what is going to happen or go into to much rumoring. Just the facts.

In other news, the Ducks have waived my friend and yours Todd Bertuzzi. This was a case of paying too much for a player that gave him marginal results in the lineup. Not sure who would pick Bertuzzi up after this, but I could see him going to help a team in the Central Division.

Also the Philadelphia Flyers have locked up Jeff Carter to a multiyear deal. The Calgary Flames also signed players Craig Conroy and Daymond Langkow. Maybe that some players are starting to sign contracts, the rest of the league will start to fall in line getting players to sign. Let's hope the fad continues through the weekend for the Caps. Have a great weekend.

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