Friday, June 13, 2008

90 goals?

Pierre McGuire, hockey analyst for CBC and NBC, almost guaranteed that Alex Ovechkin could not only break his career record of 65 goals but he could surpass it and can score 90 goals in one season. Ovechkin was the first player in 12 years to reach the 60 goal mark. Now it looks like the pressure is on for him not only to match but exceed that mark.

But 90? There are two things I find unsettling about Pierre McGuire's prediction, 1) that bald head of his is always so shiny and 2) he might be right. I agree with him as far as the infrastructure of the Capitals' offense is on pretty steady ground. That may culture a goal scorer is only hungry to take the next step which is to win the Stanley Cup.

With Jack Adams award winner Bruce Boudreau at the helm, teammates like Nick Backstrom, Micheal Nylander, Alex Semin and the possible return of Sergei Fedorov and the changes that may be had to goaltender equipment, Ovie could make that 90 goal mark. If he does, it will blow the top off of this league. Not since names like Lemieux and Gretzky that graced our sports pages has the league peaked this much interest outside it's traditional fan base.

I don't know which is more scary for a Friday the 13th, 90 goals for Ovechkin, or agreeing with Pierre McGuire?


asnowballschance said...

Agreeing with Pierre, or anyone from NBC for that matter, is a lot more crazy than Ovie scoring more than 65.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bryan...both McGuire and Milbury are the most irritating talkig heads in sports broadcasting! Was bummed to see Versus had Milbury at the desk at beginning of Awards show :(