Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shaone Morrisonn Stops By Pt. 2

Yesterday, we touched briefly on Shaone Morrisonn's first foray into the NHL playoffs. Now, we get to talk about Game 7. If you missed it, here is Part 1.

Puckhead's Thoughts: Okay, now the difficult stuff, Game 7. Your thoughts on how you guys played?

Shaone Morrisonn: Well its a tough way to lose. Philly is a great team, they played well but we had our chances and it didn't work out. That is just they way it goes. I know everyone gave 110 percent on the ice and we can be proud and learn from this for next year.

PHT: Now you were apart of the "goaltender non-interference" call when Patrick Thoresen looked like he shoved you into Cristobal Huet, your thoughts?

SM: It was interference no question! All we ask is that the referees have some consistency.

PHT:It seemed like you guys kept your cool, what was the frame of mind of those on the bench in that third period when it seemed you had the Flyers on the ropes?

SM: We never get to down or to high just stay on the course and stay composed. We had our shots and Biron played great it could have gone either way.

PHT: Would you have done anything differently in that Game 7?

SM: Not have a game seven!

PHT: This off season has a lot of questions, one of which has you a restricted free agent. Would you like to stay a Cap?

SM: I enjoy this team and the coach is great and the fans were awesome this year.

PHT: Not that I want to ruin your negotiations with management, and if you don't want to answer, I understand, but how much do you think you should make next year?

SM: no comment.

PHT: Fair enough. Which players, who are up for free agency, would you like to see come back next year?

SM: I would love to see all the guys come back next year we have a great group of guys and are so close to a great playoff run.

PHT: What are your plans for the off season?

SM: Just go back home to Vancouver train and recover from this season injuries. I'm going to relax and take a Hawaiian vacation with my girlfriend. I'm going to do some golfing and spend some time with my family.

PHT: What do you need to work on this off season?

SM: I want to become a little more confident offensively contribute with more points and become stronger in every part of my game.

PHT: What personal goals would you like to accomplish for next season?

SM: Get more points, help the team make the playoffs, and play into june.

PHT: What does this team need to improve on, in your opinion?

SM: I think we need to get a better start to the season, not chase points into the last game of the season, and have better special teams.

PHT: If Olie Kolzig doesn't come back next year, what would his moving on mean to this team?

SM: Well Ollie is a great leader, we will miss him in the dressing room and on the ice. He has been great for this organization and the city. He has been someone to look up too for so many people and he will be greatly missed. I wish him the best of luck.

PHT: I made it no secret this season that this team has been something special to watch to my readers. When everyone counted you out ,you guys found a way to win (myself included). We can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us next year. Thanks for a great season Shaone, and we want to see you back next year.

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