Saturday, May 31, 2008

On The Brink

The Detroit Red Wings have a chance to close out the series, in two days. No wonder people lose interest in the sport, we have to wait a collective 5 days for a the Finals to play 2 games. Something that should happen in 3.

Anyway, the Red Wings look to take the Cup on home ice and still look like they have a choke hold on the Penguins. They could be getting to the head of one Sid "the Kid" Crosby too. At the games conclusion Crosby threw a tantrum in the direction of Henrik Zetterberg. When Zetterberg was asked what it was all about he calmly replied, "I don't know, couldn't hear him. He's just frustrated."

More than once Crosby has lost his cool at the opposition and at the officials. Apparently the "C" on his chest means you can whine to everyone and everything with out reserve. I find it pretty interesting that you don't see the same kind of protest or gabbiness from Nick Lidstrom, Detroit's leader. Being captain for your team is not a license to go off on referees, rather it's a position of leadership and having a cool head when others go off the handle.

I always thought Sid needed a few years before donning the C on his sweater. And his inexperience on how to handle oneself is a glaring bad attribute a team's captain shouldn't have. I would be this critical on any player chosen to lead his team by being the captain, even if it was Alex Ovechkin.

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