Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Is There Room For 2?

Matt Bradley signed his 3 year, $3 million contract today. What could that mean for another tough guy on the free agency, Matt Cooke? Cooke could be looking for some dough (why shouldn't he, he's earned the right) and could be looking elsewhere for it.

Looking at who needed to be resigned this off season, I always thought it would be a decision on who you would keep between Bradley and Cooke. Both are hard working pests in a way, Cooke could be a bit more of an agitator than Bradley. I thought it would be a good indicator on who was sticking around for the '08-'09 season when one or the other were signed.

While it looks like it maybe Cooke out the door, I am sort of done trying to figure GMGM out. McPhee has done nothing the conventional way, or the way that I would have approached it. But hey, I am not the one with the job title. Nor am I in charge of one of the most exciting teams in some time in the NHL. So you go, George!

Bradley will definitely keep the Caps a tough squad and his energy line served the team well down the stretch. Truthfully, I am happy we will see Brads in red, white and blue for another three years.

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