Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Your Burning Questions (Mine Too)

The NHL Playoffs start tonight with 4 series under way tonight. Rangers/Devils, Senators/Penguins, Avalanche/Wild and Flames/Sharks. The Capitals face off with the Flyers on Friday at the Verizon Center. I am going to break down the series between the two shortly but I know there are some lingering questions for some of you out there, and here are a few.

Can Micheal Nylander return to the line up now the Caps have made the postseason?

Nylander is still 2 to 3 weeks from full recovery. Plus he has been away from the ice for a couple of months, missing the speed of the game. It's not like there are going to be much of a full speed or full contact practice for the Caps in the post season and that makes it harder for a come back. If the Caps make the Eastern Conf. finals, maybe.

Will Chris Clark or Brian Potheir ever be back?

Clark's injury is a lingering one. The fact he hasn't cracked the line up in the past 2 months is not a good sign. Although there have been some positives about his come back, but it's likely he will not see much action in the first round. As far as Potheir goes, every conversation he has had with media have been doubtful the defensemen will ever play again for the season.

Would the Caps benefit with both back in the line up?

Absolutely, any time you can put in some proven veteran talent, you should. Plus these two are hard working and smart players. Their only negatives are their injuries. If either crack the line up and get reinjured, it's a wasted spot on the roster.

How serious are Jeff Schultz and Shaone Morrisonn's injuries?

The only people that know that are the teams trainers and they are pretty tight lipped about it. With good reason too, if their injuries are made public, some opposing players might take some cheap shots at those injury areas. Both however are listed day to day which is a good sign that they are none too serious. The Caps have recalled Sami Lepisto just in case. Morrisonn has told the media he would be ready for game 1 on Friday. And if your wondering about David Steckel, he is also aiming to be back sooner rather than later. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the first game.

Will Olie Kolzig ever get a start in the post season?

The way Cris Huet is playing it would take an injury or his game going to pot for Kolzig to get any starts. I am sure the personal feelings of Olie are mixed. He is probably pissed he is not in the pipes, but his team is in the playoffs. Professionally, Kolzig has been behind Huet and the team 100%.

What has happened to Brent Johnson?

He is still here. Spending most of his time in the press box during games and gobbling up ice time where he can find it at practices. Obviously this has been a hard time for the goaltender, but he is still apart of the team.

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