Thursday, April 10, 2008

Starting Your Playoff Beard

It's been 5 years since the Caps were in the playoffs, but as you know it is tradition for not only the hockey players to grow a playoff beard, but for fans to as well (for women this might mean not shaving your legs). I thought it would be important to go through some of the rules of properly maintaining one playoff beard.

First there are usually two hurdles to get by for most men when they decide to grow said playoff beard. One is work. Let's face it, a scraggly beard at the board meeting or a sales call could be a put off, especially for those who refuse to shower during the play off run. It may be wise for you to email your fellow coworkers and warn them that not only will you be growing out that facial hair, but the reason behind it.

Second is the wife. You will get lots of moans and groans from some of them once you announce you will be growing a beard. She might say things like, "They won 11 out of 12 when you were clean shaven, why is this different?" Best way to avoid a fight is lay down the law by simply telling your significant other that it's not a question of doing it or not doing it. It is going to happen, and if you have to move in with your parent for the next couple of months, so be it. Or, to avoid divorce papers later, just come up with some sort of compromise. Like a spa treatment when the playoffs conclude. I trust you will know which kind of wooing works best with you and your loved one.

The rules are fuzzy about shaving on the day of the game or right before, but you can shave up until the drop of the puck. Once the first game has started, that's it. No razor. Let's hope we don't have to shave again until late May.

Now for some of you that can grow a Grizzly Adams at a drop of a hat, trimming is allowed under extreme cases (i.e. an important business meeting or family event such as a wedding [why someone schedules a wedding in the middle of Stanley Cup Playoffs, I will never know.]). But under no circumstances are you allowed to shave until the Caps have been eliminated or won the Cup.

For those of us that have peach fuzz faces or have splotchy grow ins, you can trim a little, but the full effect of the beard must be present. No goatees, soul patches or mutton chops!

For you lovely ladies, many of you might follow the non shaving of the legs and or under arms for the playoffs to show your support. Just remember it's pant suits for work and long talks with your significant other. But remember, if you commit, your committed until the Capitals are eliminated.

If you need some guidance or extra help check out my friends at Playoff or check out Fear the for some giggles.

Go Caps!

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darbish said...

I'm having a hard time finding any mention of what those of us who already have beards should do before the first round. Do we start with a clean shave or just drop the razor (neckbeard, hooo!) for the time being?