Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Malkin And Iginla Become Footnotes

That's right, I am calling it. Alex Ovechkin will win the Hart. Not because he is the NHL's top scorer with most goals and points. Not because he was an instrument in the biggest turnaround for any team ever going from dead last in the Division at the halfway point and coming back and winning their division and a playoff berth. Not because he would be only the second Russian to have the award on his resume that grows every time he takes the ice. It's because he is so smooth with the ladies (hey, he met a girl on the internet and she was actually who she said she was).

While it would have been nice to see them in Round 2, this is certainly a nice prize to reflect on a crazy season that had Ovechkin the composer of a hell of a comeback. Only Jerome Iginla could come close as he certianly helped carry his team into the playoffs. But he didn't have to do it from the basement of the conference.

Other News and Notes:
  • Ovie has also been cleared to play for team Russia in the World Championships having solved his insurance woes. The Russian Federation had to pay upwards of $800,000 to insure the $174 million contract it had been reported. Russia won their exhibition game against Canada 4-1 without the services of Ovechkin, Sergei Fedorov or Alex Semin.
  • Don't forget about other Caps that are playing: Nick Backstrom for team Sweden, Mike Green will suit up for team Canada, Tomas Fleischmann for the Czech Republic, Sami Lepisto for team Finland and Cristobal Huet for team France.
  • Detroit, Pittsburgh and Dallas all have a commanding lead in their series 3-0. The second round is turning out to be a dud for Colorado, New York Rangers and San Jose. A big turnaround from a first round that had four game sevens. We could even be looking at a battle for Pennsylvania in the Eastern Conference Finals. Who are you going to cheer for now?
  • The NHL has put together a group to reexamine the size of goaltenter's pads. Included in the group are Martin Broduer (Mr. I-hate-tinted-Visors), Rick DePietro (bad hip and all), Ryan Miller ("yo momma" champion), Dany Heatley (who would like to score more goals) and Mike Cammalleri (who would like to win a game). One thing I think the should do away with are the big pants. I have seen slimmer diapers on a baby. Plus, they have these square fronts on the thighs making the pants look as if you have bricks in your pockets. Round those suckers out.

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