Friday, April 25, 2008

BBQs And Golf

This year has been nothing short of spectacular. Even as the players downplay their disappointments and Caps fans still argue what constitutes "interference," it's nice to see the Flyers lose a heartbreaker in overtime in Montreal. How does it feel now Flyer fans! I guess they will be arguing what constitutes "kneeing."

But since the weather is nice and the pollen isn't that bad, it's time for a little hiatus from hockey. For a little bit. The World Championships is coming up in May and I will be back in time for those as well as the rest of the playoffs. I just need to do a couple of Bar-B-Q's and hit the links while the weather is cooperating. I will still be watching the games and teasing my Pittsburgh and Philly friends.

As far as my predictions for round two, the teams I had picked for the Stanley Cup Finals are still there, so far so good. And we can talk about free agency, who should stay, who should go and which of the draft picks are ready to wear a Caps sweater. But for now it's time for firing up the grill and taking long afternoon walks.

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