Friday, February 29, 2008

You Have Got To Be Kidding

What marketing thinks of Olie Kolzig's skills:

(I couldn't get the ad to work on my page) And yes, It's easy to score on him (almost like in real life). Just saw the ad on Yahoo! and I couldn't help but score ten in a row on Olie (and counting). With the recent drama that is now the goaltending trio of Kolzig, Cristabol Huet and Brent Johnson now front in center, it seems the Caps marketing is okay with an image of Kolzig sliding front and back of an open net. Do realize though with a 6' x 4' cage behind him I doubt that Olie is very much up to scale.

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asnowballschance said...

the maple leafs had fun tonight. should've gone with huet.