Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Huet A Capital

The Washington Capitals made a trade to bolster a position that I felt they had needed some help with. Cristobal Huet was traded to the Capitals for a 2nd round pick. Almost for nothing.

This tells me one of two things, Olie Kolzig doesn't look like he will get a contract extension after he is done, and Brent Johnson's days are numbered. The Canadiens obviously are going with Carey Price, and McPhee pulled a goaltender from out of nowhere. He would have been crazy not to take this opportunity.

Hoo - Ette? Who-ehh? Who cares, he's a Capital! Hey, his pads happen to match too!

Okay, here's the skinny: Christobal Huet is an unrestricted free agent at season's end. The Capitals needed a finger in the dam sorta speak. The Caps take on his $2.75 million dollar contract (prorated of course). The thinking here might be more about the future rather than the right now. If the Capitals can resign the talented goaltender it might be a look at the net for the Capitals for the next few years. He may split duties with Kolzig for the rest of the year then take the reigns from Kolzig when his time is done.

The Canadiens too maybe dumping some salary for a bid at Marian Hossa.


asnowballschance said...

Imagine this, IF the caps were SMART ENOUGH, we'd have 2 goalies instead of one.

Used the waviers to acquire Bryzgalov and still use a draft pick on Huet

Those 2 goalies would be more impressive than the 2 we have now.

Garrett said...

Aw Bryan, I though for sure you would have been happy to get Huet! I think McPhee somewhat made up for the Bryzgalov waiver, but Huet is a good goaltender.

asnowballschance said...


i'll be happy once the caps clinch a playoff berth.

asnowballschance said...

plus it recognizes that the caps knew they had a problem with both goalies, so other than paying less for their contract, why'd they wait so long to upgrade their G-spot?