Monday, February 11, 2008

Goodness Gracious

More and more media are giving mad props to Mike Green for his ability to be a Ranger killer in overtime and now the same amount of goals and is producing the same amount offense than Jarimor Jagr (yup, just ask Uncle Ted). Green is quickly becoming a defensive darling for the Capitals and the NHL. During the Rangers game we even got a glimpse of his crib. Not only is he a good hockey player, the boy has some style. Brooks Laich was on hand to rib the blueliner on his sense of style and decor.

If you didn't see it: click here!

Anyway, that aside I am actually okay with all the Caps marketing this season. The return to red, white and blue and the cool alternative slogans have been pretty cool to see all about town. Although the tattoo commercial I can do without, at least it's better than just panning a camera around Kolzig and Ovie with Joe B. in the background. It's getting better.

Oh and there was a big trade between Carolina and Ottawa: Corey Stillman and Mike Commadore goes to Ottawa and Joe Corvo and Patrick Eaves to Carolina.


asnowballschance said...

hmmm is carolina giving up? that remains to be seen but its gonna be a free-for-all in the SE for the #3 spot.

Garrett said...

I don't think Carolina is giving up, more like shaking things up to get their stagnate team a boost.