Sunday, January 20, 2008

Random Thoughts

Are the Capitals really at .500? Aren't winning percentages compiled by the number of wins divided by total games played? If so the Caps have that "5" that just dangles on the end of their team stat. Those are overtime losses, and don't they exist just as regular losses? If they did the Capitals would be 21-26, still below .500 (.447 to be exact). But the league doesn't care about that stat too much, that "5" that just attaches itself there, like a freckle or a cancer. Gross.

Not that I am underachieving what the Capitals were able to do in their five game home stretch, but am I the only one that sees this? The league is treating shoot outs and overtime losses like they almost don't exist. Players stats are not recorded during the shoot out. Then when looking at the stats, you want to ask what's that "5" doing there?

"That '5', it's nothing, the Caps are 21 and 21, those 5 games don't count."

Ah. I guess I watched those five games for nothing.

Just a thought.

Speaking of the Pittsburgh Penguins, the media has gone hog wild about Sid "the Kid" being out of the line up. Top three hockey headline stories on CBS Sportsline, ESPN and Yahoo were all fawning over the Penguins able to win a game with out Crosby (they beat Montreal 2-0). If I were one of the players on the Penguins, I might just be insulted. What do you think just because Crosby's out that the team was going to tank? Apparently they did. Let's hope they do against the Caps Monday night.

The Verizon Center last night actually looked pretty full. Seems the fans are starting to believe in the team again. For those have been there all the time, you may have noticed it's taking longer between periods to get to our precious beers. On the other hand, it's nice to see a crowd out to cheer on the Caps, not just the other team.

The crowd gave the team a nice standing ovation at the end of the first period and I have to say not only are the Caps' fans knowledgeable, but classy too. It's times like these I know I am cheering for the right team. So it's not such a bad thing that I have to wait an extra 6 minutes for a beer. Wait, I have been standing in line for 6 minutes? Good Lord, Uncle Ted, get some more beer windows!

That's all I got for now.

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