Wednesday, January 02, 2008

No Anthem

I didn't notice it at first, but thanks to some awfully observant folks (my wife included), the U.S. National Anthem was not sung at the Winter Classic. I know, I just saw the replay on Universal HD.

Instead of the 3 and a half minute anthem, the League instead decided for the one minute 30 second "God Bless America" sung by an Irish Tenor (if you can figure that one out, you deserve a medal). But looking back, the Irish Tenor spent a good minute to two minutes saluting the troops. With out the banter, the League could have fit the Star Spangled Banner in after all.

I also found it weird that the League normally doesn't do the Canadian Anthem when two American teams are playing, which last time I checked Buffalo and Pittsburgh were both still below the Northern border. I thought it was classy that the League did do the Canadian National Anthem. But, then to stiff the U.S.?



DMG said...

I believe the Irish Tenor who was there sings God Bless America at Yankees home games on a regular basis; I think since the game was in NY that had something to do with the selection.

bradley said...

About the Canadian anthem, the Sabres play it at all home games because they've got so many Ontario fans I believe, so there's no surprise since this was a home game. Who knows why they chose to skip the Star Spangled Banner though.