Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Than A Cute Pic

Sid "The Kid" Crosby maybe the face the NHL is pushing, but Alex Ovechkin is quickly becoming a super star in his own right. On, the frozen moment caught a young Ovechkin fan watching his idol at the Air Canada Centre.

Around the National Hockey League, Ovechkin fans are growing. There seems to be more Caps' jerseys peppered through out the stands at away games. While the voting for the all star game was a bit disappointing, Ovechkin's play is infectious and more hockey fans are realizing what a special talent the Washington Capitals have.

The Caps are getting more and more respect around the league with every win. They were ridiculed for the last 3 seasons, and it's nice to see hockey people recognize the Capitals as a whole from the players to the model the Caps have built.

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