Thursday, December 13, 2007

McPhee A Little Too Quiet

If you read the New York Post on the game last night like I did then the entry Tarik gave today, you might notice that GM George McPhee's refusal of disclosing Micheal Nylander's injury may land him in hot water with the league. Although no action has been taken, general managers must disclose the details of an injury with the media. Not to do so would be a violation of NHL policy.

It's not like the Caps are in the middle of a playoff series where Nylander's condition is made secret until afterwards. But more grumblings about McPhee's attitude seem to follow GMGM around. The Capitals are the only organization that doesn't allow player's agents in the family/friends room at the Verizon Center before or after games. Not that any of this should reflect the Capitals' performance on the ice, but it does strain the relationship between players and management.

McPhee's refusal to talk about contract negotiations with Alex Ovechkin isn't settling over to well either. While the many GMs are happy to discuss contract specifics and negotiations, GMGM stands quiet. Many fans are seeing players being wrapped up in contracts with teams that clearly want them like Sid "the Kid" Crosby, but see nothing in the works with Ovechkin. Just a "hey we are working on it," would suffice. McPhee seems to have a "No comment" relationship with the media, and I am not sure how far that will fly at the end of this very pivotal season.

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