Monday, November 26, 2007

Sabres Confound Caps Again

Capitals 1, Sabres 3
Scoresheet - Wash Post

Not even with new head coach Bruce Boudreau, or Alex Semin actually playing, or an amazing goal by Alex Ovechkin could the Capitals hold off a hot Buffalo Sabre team. Not for lack of chances though.

The Capitals had the Sabres on the ropes more than one occasion but could not score. The Caps could not score - sound familiar? While Boudreau has brought life to the Caps, it's the same problems that haunt this team. Sure it's one loss, no big deal - does that sound familiar too?

Olaf Kolzig did just about everything to keep the Caps within reach, all for not. You could even say that the puck wasn't bouncing the Capitals way - sound familiar?

Now we will see how the Capitals respond. Under Glen Hanlon, this team just didn't respond after a loss. That has to change if they want to save the season. But in the meantime, the Caps just seem to get no love playing Buffalo, either on the ice or in the stands.

The very empty Verizon Center was half filled with Buffalo fans. Don't these people have jobs? They made their presence known by booing every time Ovie touched the puck and it nearly sounded like the home team scored with the reaction the Sabres got in the phone booth.

The Capitals' power play was mortal again as the Caps failed to convert on any of there power play chances, not that the Sabres gave them much time staying out of the box. There were moments that the Capitals had this team pinned in their own zone, but no goals. All that work and not one red light or penalty. Credit the Sabres, they came to play and out worked and out hustled the Capitals when it matter most.

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