Monday, November 19, 2007

Not Near Enough - Bye Suts

Capitals 3, Panthers 4
Scoresheet - Wash Post

The afternoon started with some news, Brian Sutherby was traded to Anaheim for some draft pick (that is all we seem able to get anymore). I am a bit confounded by this trade because it doesn't help the team now. It's a draft pick, and I thought the rebuild was over. Already the night was getting off on a bad foot.

Next, the Capitals start a home stand against the Florida Panthers at the phone booth. Well it was supposed to be a home stand but with the restless Caps fans just looking for a win, they might have well been on the road. The heckling persisted in the ears of the Caps even behind their whole bench with fans not shying away from using bad grammar and even worse slang at the Capitals. Oh, and Peter Bondra was in the building, so that was nice.

"They are supposed to be breeding a winner," a season ticket holder was overheard saying, "but they can't win." "Who cares if [Ovechkin] gets 50 goals this season," another said, "we just want them to win a game." The Caps still had a game to play, and didn't show up until the third. Dropping another loss against a Southeast rival.

The Caps seemed a bit listless in the first and second periods, but that changed late in the third with the team down 4-1. They quickly put the Panthers on their heels and got two quick goals. But then that advance petered out and the Capitals again left the ice with Alex Ovechkin stretched out on the ice with his head in his gloves and another loss.

After the game the team had a meeting with GM George McPhee in attendance. Not sure what was said, but I was told the air was cleared between the players and their general manager. But maybe this is what is needed as now every move the team does will be closely watched. The Glen Hanlon watch is also in affect with fans starting the "Fire Hanlon" chant half-way through the game. One thing is for sure, this team won't get much sleep tonight.

Scoring for the Caps were Brook Laich (shorthanded goal), Chris Clark and Alex Semin. Olie Kolzig started in net, and at times was brillant and other times looked slow.

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