Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hanlon Out, Boudreau In

Why does this always happen when I am as far away from my computer as possible? Glen Hanlon has been axed. Happy Thanksgiving Caps fans, you got your wish. GM George McPhee decided he liked his job too much to go down with Hanlon, hence the change.

Bruce Boudreau (of Hershey Bears fame) takes the reigns. His job, to turn this team around. This had to happen. Not the Glen Hanlon is a bad guy, he did this team a great service. What he did with what he had over the last two years was nothing short of a miracle. He took a rookie team and made them a hard working competitive organization.

However, the team struggled out the gate this season. It got to the point that the players, of no fault of their own, just stop listening. A team that losses like this just turns numb to Hanlon's call. Hanlon can no longer coach effectively in an atmosphere like that.

Bruce Boudreau, besides having a cool hockey name, is no slouch either. There was concern in some circles that he wouldn't stay in Hershey long. That the NHL would come calling for him, and the Caps organization would take the hit if he left. Lucky for management (unlucky for Hanlon), the opportunity to keep Broudreau in the organization now has him leading his own NHL team.

While the interim is still attached to his head coaching job, I wouldn't be surprised that he would inherit the job depending on how the season goes. Maybe this is just what the Capitals needed, some fresh perspective. What Broudreu brings is a championship and that is worth it's weight in gold.

So for the moment, George McPhee succeeds in keeping his job, and replacing the coach without touching the back of the bench. Although Hanlon has been relieved, the rest of the staff are still employed. No word if that will change as of yet. The Caps face Philly tomorrow night. I don't imagine a dramatic turn around, but the team should respond in some way. I am going to hold judgement on this move until I watch the game. Until then, this is just appeasing a very large fan base.

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