Saturday, November 24, 2007

Big Win For Boudreau

Capitals 4, Flyers 3 OT
Scoresheet - Wash Post

I have to first apologize to the three people that read my blog, (my mom being one of them - Hi mom!). To be honest with you I was dragged into the craziness that is Black Friday and spent most of the day shopping with my wife, so I did not see the game against the Flyers. I tried to tape it but apparently my VCR (yes I said VCR) has a mind of its own. Instead of seeing a thriller of a game, I can only go off the writings of Tarik, the rantings of Joe Reekie and the meager highlights on Comcast SportsNet.

Happy Belated Birthday to Nick Backstrom and what a game he had. Two assists and the game winning overtime goal. The Caps quickly took it to the Flyers amassing a 3 goal lead only to blow it late. What Bruce Boudreau has done is to quicken the offense. Faster shots, hit the net and you will eventually score. There was a turn around, but as I expected, the same problems still exist.

The Caps were still taking bad penalties, and giving up the easy play. But so many things went right for the Caps that it seemed destined that they should finish it. And on the road too. Backstrom finally broke out of his little slump and seems to see the ice much better now. The defensemen are starting to get points. The jump in their step needs to continue with Carolina in the V house tonight.

As far as Broudreau, it's a good first start. An offensive minded coach, you can bet that the Caps will be looking to score even more as the season progresses. As far as Hanlon being let go during Thanksgiving, I thought it was a bit harsh when there were better opportunities for them to do it earlier. Hanlon was a good coach, who I think deserved better.

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