Saturday, November 10, 2007

And Right Back Where They Were

Capitals 2, Lightning 5
Scoresheet - Wash Post

How can you go from a stellar win to loss to a lesser team? It seems the Capitals only show up for big games, but not the ones they are supposed to win. The Caps let their guard down early in the third and it was all the Lightning needed.

The Caps certainly didn't work the whole 60 minutes and it cost them. Even with a Alex Ovechkin goal late in the second to tie the game, the first five minutes of the third period the Caps were caught flat footed. After it looked like the Caps were going to keep the Lightning's top line off the scoreboard, there was just a complete break down.

The fact that again this year the Caps will not be able to win back to back games, is going to make this a very long season for us fans. Again the Capitals are last in the Southeast, again they loss a very important division game, again the power play fails to score on their chances, again they lose. Again and again.

Ovechkin scored late in the second to tie the game, but couldn't bury a shorthanded breakaway late in the third. Penalties killed the Capitals in the third when Mike Green took a high sticking penalty worthy of a double minor. There went any chance of a come back and the Lightning added an easy goal to push the game farther away. Tom Poti did have a pretty give and go with Tomas Fleischmann, giving Flash his forth of the year.

You can scratch the playoffs this year for the Capitals. Unless they can pull a winning streak comparable to 5 to 6 game stretches, they are not going anywhere. All that talent and no where to go, talk about a bad date.


asnowballschance said...

To quote Homer Simpson:

"Boy that team sure did suck last night. They were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked."

Clearly defines the C(r)apitals these days. If you were watching on tv, I feel bad for you. I was at the game last night, sitting in the nosebleeds and it was evident that neither team showed up to play until the middle of the 2nd period. For both teams to come out flat in the 1st is embarrassing to watch. The 2nd was kinda interesting, I'm glad the Refs finally got off their asses and called a penalty or two. In the third I expected a flurry of goals but damn, giving up 4 in the third AND one on a 4 SECOND PP? What the F***!!! Words really cannot describe how poorly and unenthusiastic the C(r)apitals played. I'm flabbergasted that the season has gotten way out of hand this early in the season. I assume that no one thought that neither Semin or Clark would be out for extended period of time this season but this is just crushing. To think that we have $14 million available (cap space), means that we clearly didn't spend wisely over the summer when choosing FAs. Forget spending on FAs altogether, this "club" needs a COMPLETE OVERHAUL, YET AGAIN! Whatever philosophy that Leonsis and Huggy are trying to instill for this "club" is not working. Can anyone else besides Ovechkin show up for games and actually TRY their hardest or LIVE UP TO THEIR POTENTIAL?

Season Prediction: We need a miracle or else top 5 draft pick.

By the way, how come no one else responses to your blogs?

Garrett said...

I assume that $14 million cap space Uncle Ted can't cover at this point. I mean look at the phone booth, it's still pretty empty. Plus there is still no contract for Ovie, which I am sure will take a chunk over the next 4+ years (let's hope). As far as people posting comments on my blog, your guess is as good as mine! But I do appreciate others letting me know what they think. It's like a warm blanket to know that I am not the only frustrated by the start of this season. I am going to try to make it to the practice to day at KCI to see what moral is like on this team.