Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Who Has Time Anymore?

Not me. But Joe Motzko has lots of time apparently to get used to his new digs as a Capital. Tarik did a review of the newest acquisition. The coaching staff was impressed with the right winger and it looks like he may get a few more calls up in the big league.

Alex Semin's ankle doesn't have time to play Thursday. His sore ankle will keep him sidelined. Although if he plays like he did at the home opener it may not matter the forward is back in the line up. Even though he did get some dangerous shots off, Semin's play was a bit lackluster and he looked a little lost on the ice. If he can get open, I am sure Nylander can set up the forward for some great opportunities, that is if he ever gets back on the ice.

What might be scarier than that is Alex Ovechkin is injured. That isn't good. It's undisclosed what his injury is, and I am not about to engage in any kind of rumor about the all-star forward. But if Ovechkin is missing from the line up (he is expected to play Thursday), that bodes bad ju-ju for the Capital's season.

Maryland has plenty of time to build a new stadium to lure the D.C. United out of the District. They could be the College Park United. I can see the new logo now. D.C. isn't going to let the soccer team get away without a fight, but they were the ones that broke off talks about a new stadium along Anacostia. Oooo, that makes for drama.

Looks like the Atlanta Thrashers need to make some time to get better. They again lost and have yet to win a game this season. That makes them 0-6. That makes 10 straight losses if you count the playoff sweep of last season. On the plus side they are the only team with a zero in the win or lose column in the Eastern Conference, so there the only perfect team this season - in a way.

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