Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sid Vs. Ovie

I have a feeling this debate will go on for a while. That debate was featured on as two writers took sides. And while I am bias, I still believe what I have said before. Why can't they both be good. If you don't know what I am talking about - Whose Better? Sid "the Kid" Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin.

It's good for the league to have two superstars it can promote, and the two don't disappoint. While I curse and complain and call Sid "the Kid" names, I do think he is a good hockey player. It's still good for the league to have this debate. Both can be good, both can be spectacular.

Both players have astounded fans, amazed hockey and non-hockey fans both. Who can't forget the goal by Ovie in Phoenix, or the splitting of the defense by the agile Kid. It's a healthy debate. Not like the ones that talk about larger nets, or fighting in hockey, or even steroid scandals. So let's debate. Whose better?

I much more prefer Ovie's tough play. Ovechkin doesn't shy from hits, and has a nose for the net. He is not afraid to throw his weight around. Every time Ovie gets the puck and skates up ice the excitement level in any building builds.

Crosby is a bit too delicate for me. Crosby is pure offense, not a two way player like Ovechkin. He would rather go the long way around a defense, than attack it better on. The Kid also depends on his speed much too often that gets him quickly out of position or too recklessly. Plus I don't believe that he should be a captain.

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