Monday, October 01, 2007

Pardon My Absence - Klepis Traded?

It's funny how your priorities change when some one in your family is rushed to the hospital. Don't know when I will post over the next couple of days, but will try for the 3 of you that read this blog (including my mom, hi mom!).

Caps lose their last preseason game where the last two periods were an exercise in DON'T GET HURT. I kind of figured after the first period, the second and third were just formalities.

Ben Clymer wants out. He doesn't want to be here, which could be part of the reason his butt was shipped to Hershey. Expect his trade soon.

Rumor Alert
: Jakub Klepis has been traded/shipped/sent away/packed and no longer apart of the Caps org. Don't know the details, and it is just a rumor, so take at face value.

That is all I got, try to get back on when I can.

Update: I am full of it, apparently. There is no story of Klepis being sent anywhere (other than Hershey).


Anonymous said...

Klepis can't be traded, he does not have a contract with the caps, he was here on a tryout basis

Anonymous said...

yes, he can be traded. The capitals own his rights and thus his rights would be traded. The other team would then have to sign him to a contract.

Anonymous said...

How many pucks did they get back in return?

Anonymous said...

Time for a retraction?

Garrett said...

Wow, didn't think this would draw this much attention. First, it was a rumor. The source I got it from is usually 99.9% sure on most of the infromation, and they way it was stated to me was it was a done deal, old news. I couldn't confirm it and since I have been with my family at a hosipital for the last couple of days I couldn't update or check up on it. If anyone knows anything about my blog, it's not a place for breaking news. This was just the .01% of the time that my source may have been mistaken. I did not think it would cause this much of a response, and like I said, it sounded as if was a given - old news.