Sunday, October 07, 2007

Injury Bug Strikes Again

As per Tarik, Alex Semin doesn't look like he will be making it to Nassau Colosseum. He may miss more than that if his ankle becomes an issue this season. Semin last night looked as if he was a tad bit behind everyone, even though he had some good quick shots and some room to move.

Which leaves the Nylander/Backstrom line incomplete. To my surprise, I would have thought Nylander would have gotten more top line status with Ovechkin and Kozlov, but Hanlon is sticking to the Swedish tandem. Now it looks as if Matt Bradley is getting the call to the second line.

Another thing I have noticed is that Brian Sutherby is hardly being missed in all this shuffle. He did not play in the last two games, and I am not sure if he is on the roster for the Islander game. Sutherby had a pretty tough season last year, but does that mean the gritty forward sits out as an alternate this season? Appears so.

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