Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Season So Close

Not to scare anyone, but the NHL season begins on Saturday. I know what your thinking - I haven't cleaned up the house, or gone to the grocery store, or showered yet. The Anaheim Ducks arrived in London and have started practice and the Los Angeles Kings rallied to beat the Red Bull Salzburg team in Austria. Both are getting ready for kick off of the NHL season this Saturday noon.

While it's still a week to a week and a half for the rest of the league to get into the games that count, the league is looking at a more global look with its start in London England. The Kings and Ducks will play two games on back to back days splitting the home and home. So not only are the Ducks and Kings season ticket holders getting shorted by a game, but Betteman is promising more of this over the pond nonsense.

There is talk of expanding the league to Europe. Whoa, whoa, hold the phone. Last time I checked Kansas City and Las Vegas were on this continent. The logistics - I hope - will shoot this theory down. While traveling to Europe is not that big of deal, going there for a day to play a game and return for a athlete can make jet lag worse than just an afternoon nap can remedy. Especially if you have to play the next day.

In the meantime, it's nice that the league wants to expand it's fan base - cute even. The season starts on Saturday, and I haven't even shaved my playoff beard yet (if only I could grown one). So much to do, so little time. The London game will be broadcast on the Versus network 12pm eastern.

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