Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Schedule Changes

Every team will play every team next season. So says the board of governors yesterday after talks about the season changes made after the lock out three years ago. Now every team gets a chance to see the likes of Alex Ovechkin and Sid "the Kid" Crosby. The playing of division rivals eight times will cease next year as owners and fans alike are a little tired of playing the same division foes a little too much.

Also discussed was the possibility of expansion which seemed to be shut down by the owners. Right now the league is evened out at thirty and to add two new teams would off set a division in each conference.

The Caps return to practice today concentrating more on their preseason match against the Ottawa Senators. Traing Camp has turned serious over the last two days amongst the cuts that happened after the Carolina game where Karl Alzner and Francois Bouchard were both sent back to there junior teams. Also a long list of players were sent to Hershey for the start of their camp tomorrow.

The Wash Post's Tarik did an article on Ben Clymer who looks good at practice and played well in Carolina. Clymer is fighting for a new contract, and you can see he has improved greatly after his abdominal injury last year. I am starting to agree with Tarik, Ben is fast becoming a favorite of mine.



1) Puck: Clymer is NOT fighting for another contract. His current deal has another 2 years left. he's fighting for a place in the line up, else a trade is likely

Garrett said...

My mistake, I think what I meant to write was that he was playing LIKE he was on the last year of his contract, you are right Faux, he has 2 years left on his contract. I am glad someone is around to keep me honest.