Sunday, September 23, 2007

Okay, Jersey Talk

Everyone has their opinion on the new league mandated jerseys. Now that they have all been revealed (thanks Rangers for leaving it to the last possible second just to show that there was no change to your jersey design), I guess I can bestow upon you my glorious position on some of the new sweaters.

Amongst the jerseys I like are the Caps sweaters (which at first I hated, but after seeing them in action, I am actually enjoying the new look). I also loved the new St. Louis Blues jerseys. They put a new spin on the same basic design from their old look. I have to admit, I really do like the home jersey look. I am glad to see Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, and the Rangers not deviate from their original look. There is just something sacred about those jerseys that modernization shouldn't touch.

The sweaters I hated were both Dallas and San Jose. What the hell happened to San Jose? They tried to go for a classic look, but it just looks awful. The only thing good about the Sharks look this season is their new logo. I was expecting more I guess.

Dallas just doesn't make sense. On the home jerseys it says "Dallas." Huh, yea, I think that the home fans know where the team is from. It would have made more sense to have that on their away jerseys. But what do I know.

I know a lot of Oiler fans are upset about their jersey look, but I kind of like it. Like a classier look to their away jersey with the piping down the front. I did not like Phoenix's jerseys, the shoulders just look stupid on the away jerseys. There was a lot of grumbling about about Vancouver's sweater too, but there is some history there with the lettering so I am okay with it. And at least it's both on the home and away jerseys, unlike Dallas.

There has been issues on the new jerseys ripping during fights, which could be a problem for the goons of the league. If a players jersey rips and slips over his head during a fight, it's cause for injury, which in a fight isn't that the point? Also due to the fitted style of the jersey, punching and grasping is a much harder exercise, and limits full range of motion during a fight. No word though if that is going to be fixed.

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