Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Good News, Bad News

Maybe it’s a midwest thing, but when I was young my mother would always try to spin bad news in a good way. A ‘glass half full’ philosophy, if you will. So why not apply that to some recent events in the hockey world over the past week. I picked out some recent headlines showing the good news and bad news of the NHL news.

Instead of picking a head of the NHLPA, the players association will let the 30 team reps run the union. Bad News: Getting anything done will take forever and a day to get approval from thirty reps during the season. Good News: Some one will actually care what players think.

Pavel Bure won a suit against British Airways for kicking the All-Star forward off an airplane after the pilot was convinced that Bure was a soccer hooligan. Bad News: Bure did not receive the sought 20 million rubles but only received 67,000 Rubles (C$2,750). Good News: It’s hard for real soccer hooligans to get on a flight!

A local group in Nashville has put down $10 million deposit to purchase the Predators and keep the team in Tennessee. Good News: The Preds seem to be staying put. Bad News: We have to see those ugly uniforms for another season (Sorry KC/Hamilton, wasn’t meant to be).

Many NHLers are opting to play in Europe rather than wait to be signed as a free agent (J. Heward, J. Bulis, M. Giordano, E. Belfour). Bad News: The NHL is losing some talent over the pond. Good News: Do we really care.

Mark Bell got caught and suspended for violating the NHL substance abuse policy. Bad News: The NHL does not need a steroid controversy to start the ’07-’08 season. Good News: No one seems to care about the NHL in the U.S., Sidney Crosby could be caught in bed with two hookers and a tequila hang over and ¾ of my office will say, “Who?”

In the Super Series pitting Canada in a 8 game series against Russia has been lopsided with Canada sweeping the Russian leg 4 games to 0. Bad News: The rivalry is not what it used to be. Good News: I can at least watch hockey on TSN.ca to get me through the week.

More teams will be showing the new sweaters as teams camps start revving up. Bad News: The jersey replicas (not the actual jerseys themselves, just the cheap version) will cost $115 or higher. Good News: I can finally afford an Alex Ovechkin sweater in the old jersey.

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