Friday, September 28, 2007

81 Ain't Bad

Yesterday, Comcastsporstsnet announced their schedule to broadcast 81 games. That is one less game than they broadcasted last year (if you are keeping score). I hate when they wait just days before the season to come out with the broadcast schedule. I don't know why they wait this long, I think last year, it was mere hours before opening night before a television schedule was posted.

Versus will spoil the Nov. 6 game against Atlanta because for some reason they found it necessary to make their game exclusive. I don't think that will translate to ratings for Versus, but what do I know. You will be able to listen to the game online at, on the radio, and on XM Satelitte radio. You will just have to imagine what the sucker punch Brian Sutherby gives to a Thrasher looks like.

NHL Notes's came out with their power rankings and had the Caps ranked 25th. Only the Bruins, Oilers, Blackhawks, Blue Jackets and Coyotes were worse. The Capitals have officially become underdogs. It's time to cheer for the little team that could.

There has been a lot of talk about Steve Downie's hit on Dean McAmmond a few nights ago. I agreed with Bill Clemet's thoughts on the policing of head shots: A suspension from the league is only treating the symptom. The Players Association has to step in and be more proactive about protecting their own. Instead of fighting Downie's suspension, they should be sitting players down and show what is acceptable and what is illegal.


Anonymous said...

Comcast SportsNet is the sole reason why I will not pay for NHL Center Ice again this season.

Garrett said...

Interesting thing I found out about Center Ice black out policy. They will black out a game if you are in the broadcast area regardless of subscription. That means even if you live in DC and you have a different Cable provider other than Comcast and do not have Comcast SportsNet throught that provider the game will still be blacked out, no exceptions. Best way to get around that is to not live in the DC broadcast area (good luck with that).