Friday, August 03, 2007

Good Grief!

Could this off season move any slower? Don't answer that. Cap fans seem pretty excited about the up coming season. Talk to anyone who has a new Capitals jersey on order and they are talking about playoffs for the '07-'08 season. Management is hoping to be playing in April on their minds too.

But in the meantime, news on the Caps has all but evaporated in the sweltering DC heat. So there is not much to entertain oneself when it comes to hockey. I thought I would catch up on my reading and found a pretty cool book at my local Barnes & Noble. The Game I'll Never Forget - 100 Hockey Stars' Stories, selected by Chris McDonell is actually a fun book to read.

A collection of stories as told by players and coaches of their most memorable moments in the NHL. Some noted Capitals that have stories in this collection are Dino Ciccarelli, Mark Tinordi, and Mike Gartner. The Book has stories that range from recent stars to older generations (like a story about the rivalry between the NY Rangers and NY Americans who both shared the Garden as their home ice before the Americans folded during WWII). The book has large pictures and compelling stories, a good read.

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