Monday, August 27, 2007

Caps Resign Erskine

In the category of no brainers, the Capitals resigned John Erskine to a two year $1.75 million contract today. Erskine stepped in big last season by filling a tough defenseman role after Witt's departure. While Erskine didn't mount the points (1 goal and 6 assists) he was a presence on the ice and played well.

Also, the Tampa Bay Lightning got their new sweaters, as did the Senators. I am realizing that less is more with the new jerseys. The logos are bigger but the jersey style themselves are painfully simple. For the Lightning it's basically a black or white jersey with very little in way of stripes or character on the sweater itself. The verdict is still out for me. I guess I just thought there was going to be a little more pizazz.

Monday, August 20, 2007

On Hiatus

So it's gonna be awhile before I post anything else, mostly because there is no news amongst other reasons.

Feel free to browse around, check out the quick interview I was able to do with Shaone Morrisonn. Or check out other Hockey Bloggers like Japer's Rink or On Frozen Blog.

Or enjoy the following video:

Or do whatever you feel!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Radio Logic

Uncle Ted is setting us straight on radio. I just had a few comments myself to divulge.

I feel it's more of a supply and demand thing. Radio will only broadcast what it can sell. Obviously (and sadly) the radio stations (clear channel, infinity, citadel, etc.) can't sell Capitals programming and a major league sport has to dole out the cash to get on air.

If the Caps were a "big" hit in DC, you can be sure that the radio stations would cease to charge Uncle Ted and sell the advertising themselves (they generate more revenue that way). Unfortunately, that means if a sport is "cold" like the Caps (even with Ovechkin), radio stations will not submit their sales teams to market what they already believe to be a "hard sell." In other words, if they can't make money selling it themselves, it's not worth it.

Having worked for a radio station I can say that yes there is a double standard. While my company shelled big bucks to cover U of A sports (somewhere in the millions of dollars), another broadcast company had to pay for the time on air to broadcast high school football on the same station. If the station can not make money off it's broadcast, what's the point of putting it on air. The radio stations have to prove they are getting the ratings to assure advertisers are getting what they pay for.

So while the 'skins get love, the Caps don't. It all boils to cold hard cash. I have see radio stations in Texas beat each other over the head for coverage of High School Football, but when it comes to a professional minor league hockey team, fan's pleas to broadcast away games fell on deaf ears.

Radio stations are feeling the crunch from satellite radio, television, even ipods now that mp3 jacks are now standard in most new vehicles sold. If they can't get ratings and earn the cash, they are not going to broadcast. Simple as that.

That means covering Capitals games is not a priority for stations. However, win a few Stanley Cups, and they will knock down your door for the broadcasting rights. In radio, you are either hot or you're not.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Soccer Nuts

I know it's been a while since my last post, but I have been a tad bit busy with work. I couldn't wait to share my story about my adventure on the Metro at about 10 pm at night last Thursday (the day of David Beckham's debut in DC).

Coming home from work and exhausted I settled into a seat on the yellow line Metro when some soccer nuts boarded the train at Gallery Place. They had just attended the spectacle that was David Beckham's Galaxy debut at RFK. They were dressed in their Umbro shorts and Adidas "soccer" shoes raving about the game.

Normally this doesn't bother me, as I often get the same kind of fans coming from the Nats games on my train ride home. These guys were in their twenties and I listened as they talked about the game. That is when one started to argue that Beckham plays for DC while the other was trying to keep his pal from sounding like an idiot (too late).

After hearing this banter go on for a few minutes and two stops later, the guy that was certain that Beckham was apart of the United, turned and yelled at his friend, "Beckham plays for DC, I have been playing football all my life, I should know who the stupid Spaniard plays for!" Those silly soccer fans.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Remove Doubt

Dear Barry Bonds,

Remove all doubt about your record. Take a drug test.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pick Happy

The Washington Capitals are certainly loaded in talent. If the names don't impress you, consider this: The Capitals have 17 players that were picked in the first round of the NHL draft on their current roster. Five of those players were chosen in the top 12 overall.

Amazingly enough, in that elite group of 5 players you will not find Alexander Semin, Olaf Kolzig, Micheal Nylander, Brooks Laich or Matt Pettinger. So, do you think you can name the five current roster Capitals that were chosen in the top 12 overall in the NHL draft? (Not including draft picks from this year since they haven't made the roster just yet.)

If your not up for playing, or are stumped you can go here.

Semin was selected 13th overall in 2002. Milan Jurcina, whose seems to be the darling of the Capitals' blue line was picked in the 8th round, 241st overall in 2001. Brian Pothier, Donald Brashear and Joe Motzko were not drafted.

Editor's Note: Scratch Kris Beech as he is now a Columbus Blue Jacket.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Good Grief!

Could this off season move any slower? Don't answer that. Cap fans seem pretty excited about the up coming season. Talk to anyone who has a new Capitals jersey on order and they are talking about playoffs for the '07-'08 season. Management is hoping to be playing in April on their minds too.

But in the meantime, news on the Caps has all but evaporated in the sweltering DC heat. So there is not much to entertain oneself when it comes to hockey. I thought I would catch up on my reading and found a pretty cool book at my local Barnes & Noble. The Game I'll Never Forget - 100 Hockey Stars' Stories, selected by Chris McDonell is actually a fun book to read.

A collection of stories as told by players and coaches of their most memorable moments in the NHL. Some noted Capitals that have stories in this collection are Dino Ciccarelli, Mark Tinordi, and Mike Gartner. The Book has stories that range from recent stars to older generations (like a story about the rivalry between the NY Rangers and NY Americans who both shared the Garden as their home ice before the Americans folded during WWII). The book has large pictures and compelling stories, a good read.