Monday, July 02, 2007

UFA Day An Okay One For Caps

The Washington Capitals were busy on the first day of July, jockeying for those unrestricted free agents to bolster their roster. The Caps were able to sign two players, defensemen Tom Poti and forward Viktor Kozlov. Wash Post has a more detailed look at the Caps' latest acquisitions.

Kozlov and Poti may have been in George McPhee's crosshairs for a while. Kozlov, a Russian that spent some time on the same line with Alex Ovechkin in Turin for the Olympics looks to help the winger.

Another problem the Caps experienced last season was a rough breakout. Bringing Tom Poti, a puck moving defensemen will help the Caps better break out of their zone, which better sets up a better offensive strike. He is also solid on the penalty kill.

The Caps have also been looking to add even more names to their free agent signing list like Alexei Yashin and possibly Micheal Nylander. It may be a long shot to land Nylander since the Caps don't look like they will be spending anything too crazy like a 8 year $52 million that the Flyers extended Daniel Briere.

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