Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So You're Bored

Yea me too. There seems to be a hockey hang over since the Caps rookie camp concluded. If you are looking for some NHL action, check out NHL.com's video page. More specifically the highlights of the "Hits of the Month" for Dec. The second highlight in should bring a smile to your face (if your a Caps fan).

Also you can search players name on NHL.com and get their most recent goals still available. Going back and watching Semin and Ovechkin score, makes you realize that those rookies have a ways to go.

If you wondering if the Caps are all finished signing free agents the answer is no. There are still good players that have yet to find homes (Yashin, Bondra, Dale Hunter).

I am not the biggest soccer fan, I admit. But I am taken in by the media and fan frenzy of Beckham coming to the US, only to find out he may not even play Saturday. He is listed day-to-day with a swollen ankle. I could probably stand to watch 5 minutes of soccer... or not. When is real football supposed to start again?


Anonymous said...

it's "So you're bored"


Anonymous said...

if you're bored then maybe you should study English?

Garrett said...

Can you feel the love? Must be Pens fans.