Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rookie Camp Roster Set

Tomorrow is the start of rookie camp for the Washington Capitals. Now they have the roster of players that will be taking the ice early tomorrow morning at the Kettler. Among the players, the ones I will be watching for will be recent draft pick Karl Alzner, Nicklas Backstrom, and Joe Finley.

It will be interesting to see what this group is going to do to impress the coaching staff to propel their hockey careers. It's obvious that only a select few will be marked for full time NHL duty, others will be fighting for those Hershey spots that seem to be getting more loaded with every off season signing Caps management completes.

New to the fold is right winger Joe Motzko, of recent Anaheim Duck fame. He was called up for 3 playoff games, but scored no points. Motzko may not be a starter, but he is yet another player to fill the roster with. I guess GMGM doesn't want to get burned by injuries again.

Here is a list of players that have their bags packed for camp:

19 Nicklas Backstrom, C Draft (1st, 2006)
29 Jamie Hunt, D Free Agent
30 Michal Neuvirth, G Draft (2nd, 2006)
31 Daren Machesney, G Draft (5th, 2005)
34 Sasha Pokulok, D Draft (1st, 2005)
36 Francois Bouchard, RW Draft (2nd, 2006)
40 Simeon Varlamov, G Draft (1st, 2006)
41 Theo Ruth, D Draft (2nd, 2007)
42 Sami Lepisto, D Draft (3rd, 2004)
45 Steve Werner, RW Draft (3rd, 2003)
46 Patrick McNeill, D Draft (4th, 2005)
47 Karl Alzner, D Draft (1st, 2007)
48 Oskar Osala, LW Draft (4th, 2006)
49 Viktor Dovgan, D Draft (7th, 2005)
54 Oscar Hedman, D Draft (5th, 2004)
57 Kyle Wilson, C Free Agent
58 Maxime Lacroix, LW Draft (5th, 2006)
59 Joe Finley, D Draft (1st, 2005)
61 Andrew Joudrey, C Draft (8th, 2003)
62 Sean Collins, D Free Agent
63 Andrew Gordon, RW Draft (7th, 2004)
65 Andrew Glass, LW Draft (7th, 2007)
67 Justin Taylor, C Draft (6th, 2007)
70 Justin Mrazek, G Draft (8th, 2004)
71 Travis Morin, C Draft (9th, 2004)
72 Pasi Salonen, LW Draft (5th, 2004)
73 Josh Godfrey, D Draft (2nd, 2007)
75 Phil DeSimone, C Draft (3rd, 2007)
76 Brett Bruneteau, C Draft (4th, 2007)
78 Brett Leffler, RW Draft (5th, 2007)
80 Dan Dunn, G Draft (6th, 2007)
85 Mathieu Perrault, C Draft (6th, 2006)
86 Luke Lynes, C Draft (4th, 2006)

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