Saturday, July 14, 2007

Random Thoughts

I was thinking I would have some time off to take in some Capitals' rookie camp this weekend to give you my thoughts on it, but I don't. So instead your gonna have to take someone else's word on it. Tarik does an excellent job.

I saw that a couple of ex-Caps found new homes. Alexandre Giroux signed with the Thrashers. I think there was a lot of pressure for Giroux to make dividends for the Capitals that he couldn't deliver. So instead he will grow in the Atlanta farm system. We may see him in a Thrasher uniform a couple of times if injuries plague the Atlanta squad, but I do not see him making much noise there.

Lawrence Nycholat got a nice chunk from the Senators who have some faith in the young defender. I thought Nycholat never got a chance to really fit in to his NHL duds before getting sent down time and time again with the Caps. Ottawa would be smart to give this kid some more than just injury duty in the big leagues.

On a final note, I signed up DC Sportschick seeing how she approves of such behavior. I tried to get a private audition for Japer, but they said no.

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