Tuesday, July 03, 2007

McPhee Short Circuts Oilers On Nylander

GMGM may have literally stole Michael Nylander from under the noses of the Oilers. At least that is what the Edmonton management claims. TSN.ca reports.

If that is true, what changed Nylander's mind. Was McPhee that convincing? Whatever the reason Kevin Lowe is not a happy camper. They complained to the NHL about the Caps signing Nylander after apparently sending Nylander the paperwork. But they never got the papers back signed.

If you want a more detailed look at it, Colbycosh.com goes into details on the Oilers end. Tarik also covered it in the Wash Post.

The whole thing is turning out to be quite the drama, at least in Edmonton. While here in DC the 4th of July and recent bombings overseas seems to be more on the minds of Washingtonians than a signing of a Swede to play hockey at the phone booth.

Why the Oilers are making some noise about this, I have no explaination other than they did everything they could except sign Nylander. There has to be a specific reason why Nylander would get the papers from the Oiler organization and set it down and sign with Washington.

In other free agent moves, Dainius Zubrus is now a NJ Devil. The Capitals did not resign the forward after his trade to Buffalo. Also Jiri Novotny was signed by Columbus after his option was not picked up by the Capitals after the Zubrus trade with the Sabres.

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