Monday, July 02, 2007

Caps land Nylander

Thank god. I really didn't watch any of the signings today for the very reason of reading the bad news about the Caps missing out on getting Michael Nylander. Sort of if you ignore bad news then it really isn't happening. It's a mid-west thing.

Instead, GMGM comes up big in landing Nylander who should make an immediate impact on the Capitals offensive consistency. When Uncle Ted said he wasn't going to do this rebuilding thing anymore, I can now say how serious he was.

Now players lower on the totem pole have to pick up their games, if they want to see any time on the ice. And talented players like Alex Ovechkin and Alex Semin. At this point a lot of Caps fans are not only excited, but can start talking about a solid team now, not of one in the future.

The Capitals will be taking this season a little more serious. Which of course means that fans and management will be wanting one thing: results. The Caps have to start delivering on these promises of this team getting better. With what both Ted and George are doing, I can truly say that they are going for much more than a play off birth. They are building a team that will go farther than just a first round appearance.

I think a few more heads will turn when the Caps take the ice in the fall.

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Anonymous said...

I love that the Caps picked up Poti, good pick up there! Caps defense should be pretty solid.

Although the Caps desperately needed centers, I'm just not satisfied with the pick ups of Nylander and Kozlov, yeah they were pretty good at one point but seriously these guys are past their prime. It seems that DC sports always seems to pick up the players that were once awesome players. I think these guys will not bring that much to the game, maybe win a little bit more face offs, which I remember last season I would go nuts cause the Caps could not win those at all. And yeah Nylander and Kozlov will have their handful of glorious moments, but that's about it.

Hopefully these guys do turn out to be an Oates type player, but the difference is that when Oates came to town the whole league and fans knew he was still a player with alot of skill to offer (well except when Oates still decided to pass when he had a good shot on net)

Reading McPhee's thoughts on these new signings I thought was just a bunch of bologne. He's making them seem like they are the cream of the crop.

I hope I am wrong but I don't think the 2 centers will make much of an impact.

And in an earlier statement made by you "Kozlov will however greatly help Semin and Ovechkin adjust better to the NHL."

C'mon Ovie and Semin already have a great foundation in the NHL..."greatly help" maybe help in speaking english better, I think Ovie and Semin will GREATLY HELP Kozlov in his game.

I do hope the past experience of playing together that Kozlov and Poti will be able to make a huge impact.