Saturday, July 28, 2007

Caps Have Cap Space

The Washington Capitals still have a little more cap space to play with if they really wanted to. Depending on the Milan Jurcina's deal is (I don't expect it to be above $1.5 million) the Caps still have about $16 million to play around with. They may still be on the lurk for more players, or maybe happy with the lot they have.

The list of free agents is shrinking, rapidly. But do the Caps need more? Signing Michael Nylander, Tom Poti, and Viktor Kozlov over the off season has proved positive for the Caps who seem to be appeasing their fans. But with a loaded talent pool like the Caps, how much is too much?

There is no question that the future of the Capitals looks good. While they may not be ready just yet to take the reigns, it's comforting to know that the Capitals have a future. But if the Caps do try to fill their cap space, which of those young players will miss out on valuable NHL playing time. Talent can only grow so far in the minors.

And even if the Caps were looking to sign more, what more could they get? Yet another defenseman, a goaltender, another center? The depth chart is looking pretty thick right now for the Caps.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about signing any of the remaining talent at this time; perhaps time will cool their demands for money/terms. Even then, which remaining D-Man would be a marked improvement for the Caps? If anything, I could envision some multi-player trades, perhaps.