Friday, June 22, 2007

She Doesn't Like Them

"I like the logo enough, but the color scheme is not good," So said my stylist and my wife. She would prefer a blue home jersey with white lettering.

"Like Team USA?" I asked.

"Hey, the USA jerseys are cool."

She had a point there. The Caps couldn't hold the secret 'til today, they were going to reveal at their Draft day party at the Kettler practice facility. But the Boston Bruins revealed their jerseys yesterday at a party for their season ticket holders, beating the Caps to the punch.

The full uniform will be modeled today at the party. As well fans and mostly season ticket holders will get a skate party and meet some Caps alum like Mike Gartner, who I heard will his first appearance at a Capital event since his retirement. He mostly shows up at Rangers' events.

What may be the biggest news out of today maybe more about a possible trade rather than a draft pick by the Capitals. Some have Rumored that the Caps have been shopping their first round picks for players. But unwilling to take players on their last year of contracts becoming unrestricted free agents, the Caps may force to take their picks rather than land some much needed "now" players.

Either way, my wife just doesn't like the red, guess we will just be watching the away games.


DCSportsChick said...

Is it bad that I like the Bruins' new logo better than the Caps'?


1) Anyone against a Semin-Marleau even up swap?

Garrett said...

There is something cool about the bruins B logo that is both old school and cool, I am not a big fan of the eagle "W" on the Caps jersey, looks like an afterthought.