Wednesday, June 06, 2007

On The Brink Of Being Ducked

Senators need a win on the road tonight, or that is it. The Stanley Cup is in Anaheim, and may be awarded to the once Mighty, but now mightier Ducks. NBC will carry the coverage in the States where Don Cherry made an appearance in the last game. I love Cherry's bluntness.

The Capitals farm club, Hershey Bears are also facing an important game 4 in Hamilton. They are down two games to one needing a big win now to even up the series. Mike Green answered some fans questions on AHL's site. Not only is his playoff beard growing in nicely, his play has picked up as well which can only help him in the big leagues.

There are some tough questions asked by fans like this one:
On it lists you as Mike D. Green. What does the D stand for? -- Jen from Hershey. Pa.

MG - Yup, that's my middle name, after my fathers' name - David.


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