Saturday, June 02, 2007

American Newspapers Pass On Cup Finals

I am not breaking any news here by saying that many Newspapers in U.S. cities will not be sending any reporters to any of the Stanley Cup Finals games. In response the NHL as fought back with making the press conferences available over the phone for those who want to cover it. Key phrase, "who want to."

But I am not mad about the lack of coverage of newspapers who seem content with plastering the AP story of the Finals action on page 6 of the sports section. I am not mad that American cities could care less if Ottawa or Anaheim win. So what if the press conference after a Stanley Cup game looks as empty as the press conference for a Washington Mystics game.

I could care less that instead of putting together a good hockey section in the Washington Post, they would rather talk about Shawn Springs mood today, or that their hockey writer is more jazzed about NASCAR than the Capitals. It's not their fault.

NHL Fans aren't complaining about the coverage, they are not fighting for their papers to cover it. They would rather get their news elsewhere (, blogs, other papers). While hockey is king in Canada, it's just not here in the States. That is just a reality. It's not going to change soon.

While everyone that loves hockey claims the sky is falling, I am going to sit back and enjoy watching the Cup finals on my Hi-Def TV, and read the news on Yahoo Sports and and of course my fellow bloggers. I don't care about the local paper 'cause I don't subscribe.

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