Saturday, May 05, 2007

Which Was Easier?

Anaheim's win over Vancouver or Ottawa's win over New Jersey?

Keep in mind, both the Canucks and the Devils have arguably the best goaltenders in the league. Saying it's tougher to go against either Marty Brodeur or Roberto Louongo is a chintzy way to avoid the answer.

Ottawa's chemistry seems to be reaching a peak at the right time while Anaheim is just overpowering opponents. Could winning early be a bad thing for either one of these teams?

I guess the question could be who was the more pathetic loser, Vancouver or New Jersey?

Personally I believe the Anaheim Ducks had an easier time against the Canucks. Roberto Luongo played his best hockey of the year, but it was the boys in front of him that let him down. Scoring all but disappeared for the the Vancouver squad and a couple of key injuries on the Canuck defense made for an easy Duck victory. Plus, who could defend against the "flying V"?

Ottawa could have easily fallen hard after a hard loss against the Devils in game two. But home ice proved helpful and Ottawa had to break the trap and make the Devils do something they find hard to do this season, score.

In both series, only one game was decided by more than two goals. The rest were one goal games.

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