Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Insulted French Canadians

Canadian Parliament is at it again. What's the issue? Taxes? Healthcare? Turning water into wine? No. The number one problem on Canadian minds is whether or not Shane Doan should have a "C" on his chest at the IIHF World Championship. This is why no one likes the French Canadians very much.

Apparently Doan said something dumb about the officiating during a Coyotes/Canadiens game, and maybe something about French Canadians. Since the Alberta born forward Doan was named Captain of Team Canada, the Canadian Parliament found it necessary to take up taxpayer time and money to discuss the issue.

Some had cooler heads:
"It's not a government decision," said Secretary of State for Sport Helena Guergis to repeated questions in the House of Commons.

Some are not and speak with a heavy French accent:
"I cannot understand why the government wouldn't put out a single comment to say that this is disrespectful to French Canadians," [Gilles] Duceppe said.

I guess all Canadian teams from now on must clear all player movement through committee. But at least the drugs are cheap. Canada just barely squeezed by Norway, 4-2 yesterday and will be welcoming Dion Phaneuf who will be joining the team shortly.

Soon to be Capital Nick Backstrom scored in the first 28 seconds and Sweden never looked back crushing Latvia 8-2 (he had an assist too). Team USA will play the Czechs to find whose is number one in Group B noon today (Tues. 4/1).

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Anonymous said...

Seems a real over simplification of the issue, don't you think? I'm not clear on what was actually said by Mr. Doan, but I think all Canadian francophones wanted was an acknowledgement that racist comments are not to be tolerated without any consequences, not to mention a promotion to the captaincy of a team intended to represent ALL of Canada.

Given the history of French Canadians, its not at all unreasonable for such a reaction.

Imagine if a white American Olympian made a disparaging remark about black American athletes, and then was allowed to carry the flag during opening ceremonies. Think there would be some concern there?