Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Conference Semis Recap

Okay, Detroit is serious. And while the NHL might be disappointed that the Broadway Blue Shirts are out of the playoffs, they have to be excited that Detroit is still there. I am a bit disappointed though than none of this round's series made it to seven games. It seemed that teams that had the opportunity to put their opponent away, they did so.

Western Conference

Sharks/Red Wings
I predicted "San Jose wins in 7 games" - Reality: Way off, Detroit wins in 6
The Red Wings got a little lucky, then they got offense when they needed it. Pavel Datsyuk has no trouble scoring anymore in the playoffs, instead he is blooming in the post season. Another important element that Detroit had over San Jose was the ability to stay healthy. With Todd Bertuzzi hitting everything in sight and Chris Chelios playing like it's the end of his career, this is a very, very dangerous team right now. My Series MVP: Pavel Datsyuk

I predicted "Ducks wins in 6 games" - Reality: A game off, Ducks win in 5
The Vancouver Canucks just didn't have enough offense to match up with Anaheim. Although I was pulling for them, the Canucks could do little against a much bigger tougher team. Roberto Luongo was fantastic in this series, like he was in the series before. They just don't have the tools in front of them to push Vancouver over the edge. My Series MVP: Roberto Luongo

Eastern Conference

I predicted "Buffalo wins in 5 games" - Reality: Sabres win in 6
The Rangers couldn't beat this team if it got into a up-and-down-the-ice shoot out, so the beared down and basically focused on defense. It worked for a couple of games, until game 5. With a tying goal seven seconds left in regulation, and a shocker winner in overtime, the Rangers folded and Buffalo found its scoring touch again. I am surprised that the Rangers got a were even able to win a game, clearly Buffalo was the better team. No matter what Jaromir Jagr says. My Series MVP: Chris Druuuuuuuuuuuury

I predicted "Ottawa wins in 5 games" - Reality: Dead on, Senators win in 5
I always get one prediction head on, and then I feel that I am a big know it all. Ottawa is playing crazy good hockey right now, and wouldn't be surprised if this team has the gumption to go the distance. Although New Jersey was an easy opponent, having no real offensive threat that materialized and a Marty Broduer that looked a little shakey in net. My Series MVP: Daniel Alferdsson

3 out 4, not bad. Now it gets serious, Conference Finals. Who has the right to play for the Cup? Ottawa or Buffalo? Detroit or Anaheim? Fearless Predictions to follow.


  • Buffalo Sabres Fans, who were little on taunting and more on celebrating. There had to be about four thousand tin foil Stanley Cups in the crowd. Not much to do up in Buffalo, I guess.
  • Roberto Loungo, who now has a job in net for Vancouver for years to come. Still a myster or not if there will be a team good enough in front of him to win in the playoffs.
  • The Senators, getting that playoff upset monkey off their back. But now their fans will just want more.


  • Anaheim Camera operators, are you kidding me? It's like sitting through a 5 year old's attempt at finding where's waldo. I was suffering from dementia after watching a game in Anaheim. The worst camera work since NYPD Blue.
  • Sean Avery's comments before the Buffalo series, don't say it unless you mean it, and don't say unless your team is good enough to win. Avery, a Messier you are not.
  • NBC scheduling monster, for making life hard on everyone just because you're NBC. Forcing game changes and trying to make games end on their time. Stay out of it NBC, just broadcast the games.

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