Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Conference Finals Recap

Who could've predicted this? Well, not me. If you asked me that it would be Ducks and Senators in the Stanley Cup Finals, I would have said no way! Ray Emery would have to be the best goaltender in their previous series, as would J.S. Giguere. Both teams offenses would have to produce more than they have been. And both teams would have to face strong defensive teams and some all star goaltenders to make it to the end.

I guess all that happened.

Eastern Conference

I predicted, "Sabres in seven" Reality: Wrong! Senators in 5
The Senators did their job a few months earlier. It was a big hit on Chris Drury by Chris Neil. Buffalo just wasn't the same in the post season as they were in the regular season. They lost their swagger, they lost their mojo, they just lost. Ryan Miller was spectacular in net for them, what more could be said. They just stopped shooting the puck, they stop passing, they stopped playing. Now Buffalo faces an uncertain off seas son. The Senators were the better team. This team is playing really good hockey right now thanks to their captain, Daniel Alfredsson. They are back checking and scoring. This could be the year of the Senators.

Western Conference

Red Wings/Ducks
I predicted "Wings in 6 games" Reality: Wrong! Ducks in 6
Just when I was starting to like this team, becoming a closet Wing Nut fan, Detroit just couldn't play that rough style of hockey against the goons themselves play. And of course Giguere picked up his game. The Ducks were all about being the biggest bully on the playground. Detroit just couldn't get their offense to score at key times. The Red Wings had some unfortunate bounces and some untimely give aways, but this has been a much better team in years past. They just couldn't run with the Ducks in the end. Too much size, too much offense.

Ducks and Senators. Predictions coming soon.

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