Monday, May 21, 2007

Backstrom A Capital

So it's official. Nicklas Backstrom will be in a Capitals uniform for the '07-'08 season. Nick had some time to tour the city, go to a Mystics game and throw the first pitch at a Nationals game. I have lived in this city for years and have only done one of the three above (I have yet to attend a Mystics or a Nationals game).

Wash Post has good coverage of course, and other questions that were just dying to be asked were here.

The many bloggers have coverage of this day, which seems to be a start of a bright future for the Caps. The same could have been said when signing Alex Ovechkin too. Truthfully, I think that Caps fans may be more interested in what the new jerseys look like, than Backstrom's deal.

I did like the simple black tie and suit look (very MIB), although it looked like a kid's suit that Nick has had for a while. I am sure when he cashes his signing bonus check he will get clothes that fit better (OMG, did i just talk about Backstrom's fashion sense! When did I turn into a 17 year old girl? I better text this to my BFF Jill.).

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