Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sabres Rounds Out The Season

Remember Saturday, December 2nd? The Washington Capitals seemed they were facing a mountain of a team that came from the chilly north. That team was fast, explosive and NHL's new power house that was running high on confidence. It was a game that was a predicted a blow out by the visiting Buffalo Sabres, but instead the Caps had a different plan.

The Capitals routed the Sabres (7-4) and they did it without Dainius Zubrus (out with a leg injury), and without Jamie Heward (out with that freak facial laceration he recieved from Mike Modano's skate the game before), and Richard Zednik left late in the second period.

The season ends for the Caps in familiar surroundings at the Verizon Center, facing the Sabres one last time this season. The Caps again will be without Dainius Zubrus, Richard Zednik, and Jamie Heward.

--NHL Notes--
  • The Atlanta Thrashers clinched the Southeast Division for the first time in their clubs history. The Caps tried to help out the Lightning by giving them a chance to make a grab at the title, but in the end Carolina looked like they wanted the season to just be over and Florida plays spoiler to the Lightning's hopes. What a crazy division.

  • The New York Islanders were hoping Montreal and Toronto losses would help their playoff cause. Unfortunately for them the Canadiens and Maple Leafs play each other to finish their season. So either the Canadiens or the Maple Leafs will get two points, pulling their way closer to clinching a playoff spot. Islanders have to win their last two against Philly and New Jersey, two teams playing well of late.

  • The only matchup set in stone in the east is the Penguins versus the Senators. But who gets home ice is still in the air as the two are tied in points right now with a 103 a piece. The Pens face the Rangers and the Sens face the Bruins. With the Rangers winning and Boston playing so-so, it looks like the Pens will have to pack their road whites.

  • The season is coming to an end and still no sign of what the new Reebok jerseys are going to look like for next year. I am sure they are waiting for the summer months to create a buzz, or they could create a buzz in the playoffs. Either way I am sure it will keep us bloggers busy typing away indoors wasting those nice summer days away.

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