Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Kolzig, Ovechkin Win It

Capitals 1, Panthers 0
ScoresheetWash Post

Focused. That is the word I would use to describe this performance by the Washington Capitals. Systematically the Capitals put together a well played game. Forwards backchecked, the defensemen stayed out of the box and Olie Kolzig shut ‘em down. It was Kolzig’s first shutout in nearly 3 years.

Top that with an Alex Ovechkin goal and the Capitals snaps the Florida Panthers’ hope of pulling a playoff miracle. It was cute that the Cats thought they were going to pull it off. The Caps must pull another focused game together to give the Thrashers fits.

The story could have been about how bad the ice was at the Verizon Center. The surface was very chippy at the end of the third that neither team could really gain control of the puck. I am surprised that there isn’t more effort by the Verizon crew to make the ice hard and fast. Instead it seems the ice was thick and slow.

The Capitals were much more disciplined in the third. The best way for a team that is weak on special teams is to stay out of the penalty box. That is what the Capitals did. The more disciplined this team is, the more games they will win, even if it is a one goal game.

Atlanta tonight, Buffalo to round out the week, then call it a season.
AP Photo/Linda Spillers

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